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Milaca Lawn and Garden would like to thank you for your interest in Husqvarna chainsaws. This page is the doorway with a few husqvarna chainsaw facts to show you some of the benefits of owning a quality saw. Visit our online store to find a list of husqvarna chain saws as well as more in depth information on each model and secure online ordering. We offer free shipping on all new husqvarna saws. With a husqvarna chainsaw model to fit any need, you will find the husqvarna chain saw to fill your needs. Backed by a two year consumer warranty and a lifetime ignition warranty Husqvarna stands behind their saws and so will Milaca Lawn and Garden. We can assist you will all your needs down the road. From parts to service, we will not leave you in the cold after the sale, our motto is... we're here to keep you out there. We sell at discount prices, how? We sell more husqvarna chain saws so we can sell for less. We look forward to having you as a customer and shipping a New High Quailty Husqvarna to your door. Thanks again for choosing Milaca Lawn and Garden as your online Husqvarna dealer.

Husqvarna has one of the worlds widest range of chain saws made for every need and condition, around the world. For professionals as well as demanding consumers - big saws and smaller ones, saws for felling and limbing and saws for pruning.

A few features......

Crankcase tuned to a cylinder with balanced transfer ports. Provides smooth flow of air/fuel charge. Results in more efficient combustion and maximum power.

Advanced air filtration system that removes up to 97% of the dirt and dust before it reaches the air filter, allowing the saw to run longer and stronger between filter cleanings.

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