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Simplcity Tiller

2 models from which to choose - 6-hp & 7-hp Gardening. You do it because you enjoy it. But just looking at the shovel makes your back hurt. Simplicity's rear tine tiller gets you through the tough stuff. Plenty of power, smooth operation and handles that adjust to avoid walking in tilled soil. Consider it therapy.
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Simplicity Tillers


6016RT & 7016RT

Engine make 6-hp B&S Intek or OHV 7-hp B&S Intek OHV

Transmission All gear All gear

Speeds 1 Forward - 1 Reverse 1 Forward - 1 Reverse

Tilling width / depth (in)

6016RT 16" / 7"

7016RT 16" / 10"

Tines Slasher Bolo

Handle bars Adjust up/down, swing side-to-side, 3 positions

Standard Self-cleaning tines, operator presence control, functional drag bar system, tractor-type pneumatic tires


6- and 7-hp Briggs & Stratton engines

Gear drive transmission in cast iron case

Easy forward/reverse operation

Adjustable operator handle

Forward rotating self-cleaning tines

Adjustable depth stakes for consistent soil preparation

Quick Loc® hubs, free- and locked-wheel positions

Brush bar and hiller/furrower standard on 7-hp model

13" x 5" Ag tires

If you are looking for a quality tiller you came to the right place. Simplicity tillers are built to give you years of use. These are not you average throw away tillers that you find in your local box stores. Your new simplicity tiller can tackle even the most demanding home-owners needs. With one hand operation, forward rotating tines, swinging handles, and all gear transmission, what more can you ask for? Choose the simplicity tiller that fits your needs. The simplicity 6016 RT tiller is has a 6 horse power Briggs & Stratton Engine with a 16" till width and 7" tilling depth. The 7016 RT simplicity tiller has a 7 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine with a 16" tilling width and a 10" tilling depth and also includes the brush gaurd and a hilling/furrow kit. Visit this link to see more specs and to place your order secure online.

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